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Science Fair Deadlines 2015-2016

Science_Fair_deadline_format_2015-2016.docScience Board Setup

Science Fair

LAC Science FairArmenian Engineers & Scientists of America

Inside Atoms and more

Inside AtomsPeriodic table, trends, and bonding

DNA Replication

DNA unzipping

8th Grade Science Videos

Why is glass transparent?World's Roundest Object.

Polyhedra paper model

Polyhedra paper model

Science Paper Models

Canon Science Paper Models Department of Conservation Paper Models NASA for Kids Paper Models California Science Teachers Paper Mode...Read More

6th grade, Ch. 7 Erosion and Weathering

Weathering & Erosion Soil Erosion Rocks and Weathering  

6th Grade Earthscience

Earthquake  Volcanoes

6th Grade USGS    More

8th Grade Study Guide

Ch 1 Ch_2 Ch_3 Ch_4 Ch 5 Ch_6 Ch_7 Ch_8...Read More

7th Grade Study Guide

7th Grade Study Guide Ch1 Ch_2 Ch_3 Ch_4 Ch_5 Ch_6 ...Read More

6th Grade Science Study Guide

6th_ch_4-1.pdf; 6th_ch_4-2_4-3.pdf; 6th_ch_4-4.pdf; 6th_ch_4-5.pdf; 6th_ch_5-1.pdf; 6th_ch_5-2.pdf; 6th_ch_5-3.pdf; 6th_ch_5-4.pdf; 6th_ch_6-1.pdf; 6th_c...Read More

Genetic Videos

Genetic Video 1 Genetic Video 2

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