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Grade 3


Week of Dec 12-18, 2017

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Tue Dec 12
HW Armenian » Read "Gakhaganche Yev Archougnere". Write/study Vocabulary words. Be ready for Spelling Quiz on Wednesday.
HW Math » chapter 6/L3 pages are due today!
Wed Dec 13
Classwork Armenian History » Lesson 8. Question/answer.
HW Armenian » Be ready for Reading Review on Thursday.
Spelling Words Armenian » Spelling Quiz Today.
HW English » Write a sentence with each Vocabulary word!
Test English » Vocabulary Test is today!
HW Math » chapter 6/L4 pages are due today!
Thu Dec 14
HW Armenian » Be ready for Vocabulary Test on Friday.
Quiz Math » Ch. 6 Mid-Chapter Quiz is today!
HW Math » chapter 6/L5 pages are due today!
Fri Dec 15
Test Armenian » Vocabulary Test Today.
Book Report English » Bring Non-Fiction books for approval today!
Test English » The Mysterious Giant of Barletta Comp. Test
HW Math » Reteach Worksheets!
Sat Dec 16
Sun Dec 17
Mon Dec 18
Classwork Armenian History » Lesson 8. Review. Test on Wednesday.
HW Armenian » Read "Namag Gaghant Babayin". Write Vocabulary words. No Spelling Quiz this week.
HW Math » chapter 6/L6 pages are due today!
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