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Grade 7


Week of Aug 31-6, 2017

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Thu Aug 31
HW Science » Skills worksheet #2
Classwork Armenian » Language Skills: Explain Vangs
HW Math » Worksheet 1.2
HW Religion » Come ready to present the assigned passage from the gospel of Matthew!
Quiz Social Studies » Read Chapter 1 Lesson 1 & 2 again. Go over all of the notes, key terms, and review questions.
HW English » Get novel "The Witch of Blackbird Bond" and read chapters 1-3
Fri Sep 01
HW Social Studies » Read BB pg. 16-19 * bread to answer questions about the lesson
Spelling Words Armenian » Study for a spelling test on Pg. 1 the section assigned to you
HW Math » 1.3 worksheet
HW Science » Finish Lab report # 1,2,5,6,7
HW Religion » Complete the worksheet on 'The Earthly vs. The Heavenly Treasure'
Spelling Words English » 5 times each and Spelling Quiz
Sat Sep 02
Sun Sep 03
Mon Sep 04
Tue Sep 05
HW Armenian History » Complete the worksheets and learn the answers to the questions for oral testing!!!!!!
Classwork Armenian » Explain syllables and hyphenation and do worksheet pages.
HW English » Read "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" chapter 1-4 and work on summer reading reports
HW Science » Read 1.2 and do workbook
Wed Sep 06
HW Science » Read Ch 1.2 and complete workbook 1.2
HW Math » Worksheet 1.4
HW Armenian » READ pg. 5 fluently
HW Social Studies » Key Terms BB pg. 22 Sections A/ B and PB pg.4
Test Armenian History » TEST On lesson 1 " Artashesian to Arshaguni kingdom" Study following handouts and notes taken in class
Test English » Grammar Test chapter 14 Nouns and Pronouns
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