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Grade 7


Week of Sep 11-17, 2017

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Mon Sep 11
Classwork Armenian » Armenian spelling worksheet on letter Yetch and Eh
Quiz Math » Module 1 quiz
Test English » Reading Comprehension Test "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" chapters 1-4
Tue Sep 12
HW Armenian » READ pg. 7 fluently for assessment
HW Social Studies » Pb pg. 5
HW Science » Read 1.3 and do workbook
Test English » Vocabulary Test
Wed Sep 13
Test Armenian » Vocabulary and comprehension TEST on "Dagh Hayeren Lezvi"
HW Social Studies » PB pg. 6
HW Science » Read 1.4 and do workbook
HW English » Read "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" chapters 5-8; work on descriptive essay topic choice: trigger words; complete literature question "A Day's Wait"
Thu Sep 14
HW Social Studies » Finish the lesson 2 notes
Classwork Armenian » Language : Explain and complete worksheet
HW Math » Textbook page 40 ,41,42
HW English » Prewriting Activity and pick your topic: Descriptive Essay(trigger words/blue printing)
HW Religion » Complete the assignment on "The Sermon On The Mount". Choose one topic ( except the one on money) and expand by explaining what Jesus wanted to teach. Basically , write a short sermon on it. Min 15 lines! Be ready to share
Fri Sep 15
Spelling Words Armenian » Spelling on the words of the worksheet handed on Monday!! Yetch and Eh
Classwork Science » Jeopardy!
HW Math » Worksheet 2.1
Spelling Words English » 5 times each and Spelling Quiz
Sat Sep 16
Sun Sep 17
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