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Grade 5


Week of Sep 18-24, 2017

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Mon Sep 18
Other Social Studies » Please make sure to bring finished paper towel roll
HW Armenian » Write/Study Vocabulary words. Be ready for Spelling Quiz on Tuesday.
Tue Sep 19
HW English » wordly wise p.42-44
HW Science » Science ISG workbook p.10-11
HW Math » worksheet E2
Classwork Armenian History » New Lesson 4. Read and explain.
Spelling Words Armenian » Spelling Quiz Today.
HW Armenian » Read L.5 "Oosoumnaran".Be ready for Vocab.Oral Review.
Wed Sep 20
HW English » Literature practice book page 101,102,112
HW Math » Math workbook page 23-24
HW Armenian » Be ready for Arm.Test on L.4-5 on Friday.
Classwork Armenian » Vocabulary oral review.
Thu Sep 21
Fri Sep 22
HW English » Read: Chapter 25-35
Quiz English » spelling quiz -lesson 2
HW English » Memory Book and Reading Log (BRING TO SCHOOL)
Test Armenian » Combo Test on L.4-5 Today.
Sat Sep 23
Sun Sep 24
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