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Grade 2


Week of May 29-4, 2017

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Mon May 29
HW Armenian » Read pg 125 + write the vocab 3x in the notebook.
Tue May 30
HW English » Phonics pg. 192.195.203.
HW Math » Complete multiplication worksheet
HW Armenian » Read pg. 126,127 + Use the spelling words to write 5 sentences in the notebook. This homework will be the last awesome grade in my grade-book! ABREEK HAYAKHOS YEV ASHKHADASER ASHAGERDNERS!PAREE ARTSAGOORT! Over the Summer, please do not forget to complete the SUMMER WORK! May God bless and keep you all:)
Wed May 31
Thu Jun 01
Fri Jun 02
Sat Jun 03
Sun Jun 04
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