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Grade 2 Yellow


Week of Sep 18-24, 2017

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Mon Sep 18
HW Math » Practice Book Pg. 27-28
HW Science » Science Study Guide Pg. 10-11
HW English » Complete Unit check-up pages in grammar packet as a review for grammar quiz tomorrow.
HW Armenian » Read pg.pg.5. Writing worksheet/Alphabet/ .Due: Friday 9/22/2017.No Test no Quiz this week.
Tue Sep 19
HW English » Grammar Quiz Today!
HW Math » Math practice book pg. 29-30
HW English » Phonics Pg. 22
HW Social Studies » Re-Read Unit 1. Study vocabulary and concepts. Use the study guide to review for test tomorrow.
HW Armenian » Read fluently pg.5 "Hay Ashagerdin Ookhde". By heart on Friday.
Wed Sep 20
HW Social Studies » Unit 1 Test Today!
HW Math » Practice Book Pg. 31-32
HW English » Complete phonics Pre-Test worksheet in homework folder.
HW Armenian » Read fluently pg.5
Thu Sep 21
Fri Sep 22
HW Math » Practice Book pg. 33-34
HW English » Phonics quiz! (Very Similar to the pre-test worksheet)
Classwork Armenian » "Hay Ashagerdin Ookhde" By heart.
Sat Sep 23
Sun Sep 24
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