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Grade 4


Week of Dec 18-24, 2017

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Mon Dec 18
HW Math » Multiplication worksheet
Test Armenian History » Test on Lesson 7 Today.
Other English » READ READ READ!!! update your reading logs with books you have read!! DUE ON THE 21st!!!!
Tue Dec 19
HW Armenian » READ the story Amenalav Nvereh
HW English » PB pg. 170
Test English » Worldly Wise Test on Lesson 6
HW Social Studies » Textbook pg. 143 #1-4
HW Math » WB pgs. 83-84
Wed Dec 20
HW Armenian » READ the story Amenalav Nvereh again
HW Science » ISG pg. 40-41
Project Social Studies » Mission Projects Due Today!!!!
Test Social Studies » Chapter 4 Test
HW Math » WB pgs. 85-86
Thu Dec 21
Test Armenian » Nouns: Grammar TEST Identify nouns. proper and common nouns and plural Study from your work book
HW English » PB pg. 175
HW Math » Reteach packet
Project English » December Reading Logs due today!!!
Fri Dec 22
Other English » Please bring your Secret Santa gifts!!!
Sat Dec 23
Sun Dec 24
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