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Grade 4


Week of Oct 16-22, 2017

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Mon Oct 16
Classwork Armenian History » Lesson 5 Review. Test on Lesson 5 on next Monday.
Classwork Armenian » READ pg. 19-20
Spelling Words English » Spelling words for this week D-6: uniform, excuse, juice, tuned, unusual, curfew, blueberry, using, duel, usually, salute, threw, utensil, chewing, toothache, stew, bugle, unicorn, music, mute, season, honey, freezing, unicycle, interview.
HW Math » WB pgs. 39-40
Tue Oct 17
HW Armenian » READ fluently pg. 19 answer the questions orally
HW English » P.B. pg. 49-50 W.W. pg. 29-31 cursive writing worksheets
Wed Oct 18
Spelling Words Armenian » Spelling of the paragraph handed on FRIDAY
HW Science » Interactive S.G. pg 30-31
HW English » PB pgs. 54-55 WW pgs. 36-37
HW Math » WB pg. 41-42
Thu Oct 19
Classwork Armenian » Explain and Identify the objects in the sentences Do related pages
HW Social Studies » PB pgs. 18-19 LS pg. 10
HW English » PB pgs. 58-59
HW Math » WB pg. 43-44
Fri Oct 20
Spelling Words English » Spellingnlist PACKET due today AND Spelling quiz
HW Armenian » Complete the grammar worksheets
Spelling Words English » WW pgs. 41-43 and
Sat Oct 21
Sun Oct 22
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