Homework & Assignments


Grade 2 Yellow


September 2014

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Sep 2
HW English » practice book pg.47 (Spelling)
HW Math » workbook pg. 15 and 16
HW Science » workbook pg. 6 and 7 *read page 6 before answering questions please.*
Project Armenian » Fill in and decorate your family tree.(The handout is in the Armenian folder).
Sep 3
HW English » Exercise 2 and 3 in vocabulary packet. Study for vocab quiz tomorrow
HW English » practice book pg.53
HW Math » workbook pg. 18
HW Social Studies » workbook pg.3
HW Armenian » Read p.6 fluently!
Sep 4
Quiz English » Vocabulary quiz today!
HW Math » workbook pg. 19-20
HW English » Study for story test on "Julius" tomorrow and Spelling test tomorrow!
HW English » practice book pg. 56
HW Armenian » Read p.6,7 (11 lines).
Sep 5
HW Math » workbook pg. 21-22
Test English » Spelling Test today!
Test English » Story test on "Julius" today!
Sep 8
HW Science » Study for lesson 3 and 4 quiz tomorrow. Use study guide book, textbook, and notes for help.
HW English » Practice book pg. 64
HW Math » Ch. 2 review packet. Study for Ch. 2 test tomorrow! Use pages 39,40,44 to study graphs.
HW Social Studies » workbook pg. 7
HW Armenian » read p.8 ( fluently) and write the vocab 2x in the notebook.
Sep 9
HW English » Grammar packet - Do unit checkup on page 19-20. Use this to help study the different types of sentences for your grammar quiz tomorrow.
HW Math » workbook pg. 23-24
HW Science » workbook pg. 10-11. Please read page 10 before completing page 11.
HW Armenian » read p.9 (fluently) + worksheet "Khe,daz,gen".
Sep 10
HW Social Studies » Unit 1 Review in textbook. Do #1-14 in your social studies notebook. You do not need to write the questions, just the answer.
HW Math » workbook pg. 25-26
HW English » Study for vocab quiz
Test Armenian » reading and vocab Test p. 6-9 lesson " Mokhrakoun Gabigu".
Sep 11
HW Social Studies » study for Unit 1 Test tomorrow. Use unit 1 review, notes, and textbook.
HW English » Study for spelling test.
HW Math » workbook pg. 27-28
HW Science » workbook pg. 12-13. Please read pg. 12 before completing pg. 13
HW Armenian » Write the 5 spelling words (found at the bottom of your vocab sheet)5x each in the notebook. Don't forget to write first your name, date ,and the title of the lesson.After writing 5x each,come up with a sentence using each word. (No baby sentences please!)
Sep 12
HW English » Reading logs for Mon-Thurs due Spelling packets due
HW Math » workbook pg. 29-30
Sep 15
HW English » practice book pg. 83
HW English » Study for story test tomorrow . Re-read 'Mrs. Brown' in anthology book.
HW Math » workbook pg. 31-32
HW Social Studies » workbook pg. 8
HW Armenian » Read p.11 + Bring to class your decorated mask (any of the following characters:Lion,grey clever bird,red parrot or green parrot). Be creative (you might add feathers, googly eyes....). We are going to have a play!
Sep 16
HW Math » Complete the study review packet. Practice re-gouping for math test tomorrow.
HW Science » Science study Notebook pg. 5
HW Armenian » Read p.12 + write the vocab words 2x in the notebook!
Sep 17
HW Math » workbook pg. 33-34
HW Science » Do Chapter 1 Review questions #1-7 and #11-12 in science notebook(answers only). Review the study guide to make sure you are ready for the science test tomorrow!
HW Armenian » read p 13 + write the spelling words 5x in the notebook + come up with just 2 sentences using any 2 of the spelling words.
Sep 18
HW English » study for spelling test!
HW English » practice book pg. 87
HW Math » workbook pg. 25-36
Quiz Armenian » Vocab quiz:Match the correct meaning of each word + Spelling quiz:I will provide the spelling words with missing letters.They will fill in the blanks with the correct letters.
Sep 19
HW English » Spelling packets due today!
HW Math » workbook pg. 37-38
Sep 23
HW Math » Math workbook pg. 39 and 40
HW English » Complete phonics pre-test. Study the hard and soft sounds for the letters g and c for phonics quiz tomorrow.
HW Science » Complete Ch. 1 Review on page 34-35 in textbook. Answer #1-12 in science notebook. (write answers only)
Test Armenian » Reading TEST p.11-14 + questions on p 15 (oral).
Sep 24
HW Math » workbook pg. 41 and 42
HW Science » Study for Ch. 1 Test tomorrow. Use the study guide,lesson quizzes,and the chapter review for help.
Quiz Armenian » Spelling quiz on the first 18 Armenian alphabet letters:"Ayp........Ghad" ( both upper and lower case + learn the name of each letter).
Sep 25
HW English » Study for spelling test tomorrow!
HW English » phonics workbook pg. 26
HW Math » Complete Ch. 4 study guide packet to help study for the math test tomorrow!
HW Armenian » "Djeh,Men,Hee " worksheet.
Sep 26
HW Math » Math workbook pg. 43 and 44
Sep 29
HW English » practice book pg. 118
HW Math » workbook pg. 43-44
HW Social Studies » workbook pg. 10
HW Armenian » read p.16,17(11 lines) + Vocab(ORAL).
Sep 30
HW English » re-read poems in anthology book. Pg. 113-121
HW Math » workbook pg. 45-46
HW Science » workbook pg. 14-15
HW Armenian » read p.16,17(20 lines) + Write the Vocab.2x in the notebook.Don't forget to first write your name,date,and title.