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August 2014

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Aug 25
HW Math » Workbook pg. 5 & 6 and Multiplication Extra Practice Packet is due today!
HW Armenian » Write/study Vocab.words.Read pg.4. Be ready for Spelling Quiz on Tuesday.
Aug 26
HW English » flashcards using vocabulary words; words on the front and definition on the back; sentences with spelling words are due today
HW Math » Ch. 1/4, wb p 7-8 due today
Quiz Armenian » Spelling Quiz is Today.
HW Social Studies » Questions on pg. 17 is due today
Aug 27
HW English » Sentences with vocabulary words and Wordly Wise Exercises 1C and 1D are due today
HW Math » textbook review pages are due today! Study for Chapter 1 Test!
HW Armenian » Be ready for Vocabulary Test on Thursday.
HW Science » Answer textbook questions on pg. 97 in your notebooks and study for Ch. 3/L.1 Quiz
HW Social Studies » study for Quiz on L1/L2
Aug 28
HW English » Study for Combo Test/ Reading/Vocab. and Spelling
Quiz Social Studies » Ch. 1/L. 1-2
Quiz Science » Science Quiz L.1
Test Math » Chapter 1 Test
Aug 29
HW English » Spelling exercise page in packet is due today
Quiz English » Spelling Quiz
Test English » Combo Test