Kindergarten Through Grade 8

The C & E Merdinian Armenian Evangelical School is open to all who endorse its objectives, programs, and policies.

Courses offered regularly during the week include English and Armenian Languages (including reading, writing, spelling, and grammar), Religion, Armenian History and Culture, Science and Health, Social Studies, Mathematics, Computer Education, Art, Music, and Physical Education.

We believe that the integration of the educational efforts of the home, the church, and the school is basic to the development of each child's fullest potential.  This joint effort needs to encompass the following perspectives:  1)  academic excellence, 2)  spiritual enrichment and moral guidance, 3)  social development, 4) optimum physical development, 5)  knowledge and appreciation of the American and Armenian heritages.
To assure effective results in all those areas, children need to receive the following:  1)  a solid foundation of facts, ideas, and experiences, 2) opportunities for free inquiry and creativity beyond acquired data, 3)  motivation which will foster a lasting love of learning and a sense of social responsibility, 4)  an environment that will balance discipline with love, and 5) support and encouragement which produce self esteem based on a consciousness of being a worthy child of God and a reflection of His glory.

Following the Armenian Evangelical tradition of excellence in education, the school aims to provide:
  • A solid educational program beyond the requirements of the curricular framework of the State of California.
  • Religious instruction and spiritual guidance to help students develop a strong Christian character.
  • Curricular enrichment which will enable students to acquire a thorough knowledge and full appreciation of the rich American and Armenian heritages.